About Us

We make commercials. Good ones.

Room Service is a boutique production company based in Los Angeles. We specialize in finding and capturing authentic moments. Whether it's a geniune laugh, a heartfelt hug, or a reassuring handshake, we're here to bring life to the screen. Oh and by the way, we've been doing it for a combined 50 years... ;)

Chace Strickland

Chace Strickland // Director

Kelly Amato

Kelly Amato // Executive Producer

We're Jacks of one trade: Storytelling

Our Reps


Saarinen & Pico
Toni Saarinen
(323) 893-2788
Brandon Pico
(917) 530-8614


Asprodites Reps
Ann Asprodites
(504) 891-7009


Carolyn Reps
Carolyn Hill
(646) 465-2631
Amanda Rosenberg
(917) 455-9414

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